Former IRS Tax Attorney Serving Michigan Taxpayers

State and federal tax laws give the Michigan Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service tremendous power to investigate and collect tax revenues. Receiving notice of a tax problem from tax officials can be highly stressful for any individual or business. The Law Offices of Angelique M. Neal, PLC, is a pre-eminent tax law firm providing seasoned legal counsel and aggressive advocacy to help you resolve even your most complicated tax problems. You will work with a lawyer who has devoted her entire legal career to tax law.

We know that any amount of unmanageable tax liability can threaten your livelihood and assets and rob you of your peace of mind. We are here to help. Based in Brighton, we represent clients throughout Metro Detroit, across the state of Michigan and anywhere in the country. Whether you are facing an audit, suffering from overwhelming state or federal collection efforts or under investigation for civil or criminal tax fraud, we are devoted to crafting the best legal strategies and tax resolutions to allow our clients to move forward to a brighter future.

Providing Client-Centered, Results-Oriented Representation

Angelique M. Neal is a tax attorney with a depth and breadth of tax law experience, including six years as an IRS lawyer and special assistant United States attorney. She is in a unique position to provide personalized, responsive legal counsel that large, national tax litigation firms can't offer. The entire staff is committed to offering the highest level of client service. From the moment you begin to work with the firm, you will know why a large majority of Ms. Neal's clients come by way of referral from satisfied clients, colleagues and tax officials.

Put More Than 15 Years of Focused Experience Behind Your Tax Issues

She offers goal-oriented, practical tax solutions to allow our clients to move forward with confidence. We leverage deep legal knowledge earned over 15 years focusing exclusively on tax law to provide cost-effective resolutions to complex problems.

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Full-Service Tax Counsel and Advocacy

The IRS has vast powers to collect revenues under the Tax Code. Many individuals face unique challenges that are not directly linked to our primary practice involving business or employee-employer relationships. Our focus on tax law, however, gives us the tools to advise clients in the nuances associated with the full range of state and federal tax matters, including:

  • Offshore accounts: The rules that apply to foreign bank accounts and offshore tax compliance are ever-changing and complex. We remain at the cutting edge to protect the rights and assets of clients with offshore holdings.

  • Taxes related to lawsuit proceeds: We help individuals, businesses and tax preparation professionals resolve state and federal tax problems that can arise in relation to settlements and jury awards. The structure of a settlement alone can create issues that require detailed guidance and skilled advocacy from a knowledgeable tax lawyer.

  • Gambling, game show and lottery winnings: Casino, lottery and bingo winnings are reported to the federal government. Noncash winnings such as a car are considered income as forcefully as cash.

Whether you are facing an IRS investigation or audit or you need focused guidance to avoid tax problems looking forward, you can rely on our substantial experience in providing tailored tax solutions.