Choosing a Tax Firm

typing on laptopIf you have been notified that you are being audited by the IRS, owe current or back taxes or are facing criminal charges for tax fraud, it is likely to be the most stressful time of your life. Having the right attorney representing you and protecting your rights will make a significant difference in your well-being and the resolution of your case.

Attorney Angelique M. Neal has more than six years of experience as a former IRS lawyer and Special Assistant United States Attorney. She understands the process auditors go through when making their decisions. By taking the time to listen to her clients, she is able to craft a resolution that makes the most sense for everyone involved.

Key Factors to Look for When Choosing a Tax Firm

When deciding where to turn for legal counsel, consider these important factors:

  • The attorney should have experience directly related to the tax issue you are facing. Ms. Neal has more than more than 15 years of state and federal tax law experience, including six years as an IRS attorney. She has represented clients in many significant tax cases, across a full spectrum of tax issues.
  • The law firm should understand your concerns. Ms. Neal and staff are able to focus attention on the important details of each client. No two tax cases are ever the same. The Law Offices of Angelique M. Neal, PLC, is able to offer a level of personalized attention that a large law firm simply can't.
  • The lawyer and law firm should be recognized for integrity. IRS agents and tax court judges and officials recognize the hard work and intelligent strategies Ms. Neal brings to the table. Relying on her reputation for integrity, she is often able to resolve tax issues without extended and costly litigation.

"The current economy has left businesses and individuals with a range of financial hardships, including difficulty in paying taxes. Once behind, the problem is compounded by fines, penalties, interest, liens and garnishments. I can develop legal solutions to your problems with the IRS. My law practice is dedicated to assisting people with their tax problems, from audits to collections to litigation. Call me at 810-355-4851 (or 888-351-8395, toll free) or contact me by e-mail to talk to me about your needs."
- Tax attorney Angelique M. Neal

From offices in Brighton, Michigan, tax lawyer Angelique M. Neal represents clients throughout the state, the Midwest and the United States. Wherever you are, call toll free 888-351-8395 or contact the firm by e-mail to arrange a consultation with an experienced state and federal tax attorney.