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A tax lien against financial accounts and property is a serious matter that can result in unnecessary loss. From Lansing to Detroit and from Saginaw to Ann Arbor, the Law Offices of Angelique M. Neal, PLC, in Brighton, Michigan, helps individual and business clients find creative and efficient solutions to their tax problems. We can help you protect your valuable personal and business assets.

Tax lawyer Angelique M. Neal served as counsel the IRS for six years. Such valuable insight gives her clients the edge they need to successfully resolve their tax burdens. Contact us for knowledgeable tax lien and levy assistance.

Understanding Tax Liens

When an individual or business incurs a tax debt, a public record of this debt - a tax lien - may be filed which will attach to all real and personal property owned by the tax payer. The public record can stay attached to their credit report for seven to ten years. The lien indicates a state or federal government's priority interest against all real and personal property owned or thereafter acquired. Tax liens can impact your ability to sell property or apply for car loans, business loans or any other financing. We can help determine if the lien is justified and correctly filed, and we can help you weigh options for effectively resolving your tax matters, including:

Regardless of the reason you are presented with notice of federal tax lien, you may be entitled to due process rights that can prevent the IRS from taking action. You need to contact an attorney experienced in this area to make sure your interests are protected.

Avoiding a Tax Levy

Tax levies are tools used by government tax agencies to collect on a tax debt. Levies can be used to garnish wages, confiscate bank funds and place claims against real property, such as a homes or commercial property. Our experienced tax lawyer can help stop or modify a tax levy that may be jeopardizing your assets. For our clients throughout Wayne County and adjacent counties, it's never too late for us to help resolve their tax collection troubles.

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