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Professional tax preparers are held to strict regulations regarding the IRS tax code. CPAs, enrolled agents, return preparers and even friendly volunteers are held to high standards and subject to heavy penalties if the IRS suspects fraud on behalf of the taxpayer.

Under IRC § 6694, any understatement of income or overstatement of exemptions, deductions or credits may subject the taxpayer to an investigation or audit. Any person or entity who was aware of the inaccuracy, including an independent preparer, is subject to a $250 fine. In the event of intentional fraud on the part of the preparer or employer is subject to a penalty of up to $1,000 for every inaccurate or fraudulent entry.

The IRS Takes Tax Preparers' Liability Seriously

Although the financial penalties may not seem excessive, the full impact of IRC § 6694 occurs when the IRS investigators are required to report the tax preparer to the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility. A licensed professional found guilty of fraudulent tax preparations faces a possible suspension or disbarment from future practice. It doesn't stop there. Additional penalties can be imposed on the preparer, up to the total of the gross amount of income the fraudulent deduction was intended to protect.

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