Understanding the Michigan Offer in Compromise Program

Individuals and businesses can fall behind on their tax obligations for a variety of reasons. Changes in the economy, a simple oversight and lack of familiarity with the complex Michigan Revenue Act are only a few of the causes that can lead to overdue state tax liability.

It is relatively easy to miss tax payments, leading to significant debt, penalties and fees owed to the Michigan Department of Treasury. Getting back on track, on the other hand, never seems easy. Tax officials are given a great deal of power to collect tax debts. Facing garnishment, levies, liens and endless requests for payment can seem hopeless.

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Offer in Compromise│A Powerful Tax Relief Option is Now Available in Michigan

In 2015, Michigan joined the federal government and many other states in allowing qualified taxpayers to settle their state tax debts. The Offer in Compromise (OIC) program in Michigan is modeled after the well-established federal OIC program. However, there are nuances in Michigan that require the focused attention of a dedicated tax lawyer.

Attorney Angelique M. Neal is a former IRS attorney and special assistant United States attorney who draws on her knowledge of how tax officials evaluate tax matters to provide insightful advocacy to solve complex tax matters. Because our legal team focuses exclusively on tax law, we are driven to remain at the forefront of crafting the best legal strategies to obtain tax relief for our clients. The OIC program can be a highly cost-effective tax solution to overcome your past-due tax liabilities.

Like its federal counterpart, the Michigan Offer in Compromise program involves an agreement between you and the state Department of Treasury to pay less than the full amount of taxes owed — often substantially less. To qualify, a Michigan taxpayer must show:

  • Doubt as to liability: If you believe the tax was improperly assessed and your opportunity for appeal has run out, we can review your circumstances and explain your legal options.
  • Doubt as to collectibility: Past-due tax liabilities can be overwhelming. If your current financial structure makes it unlikely that you could pay the tax debt, we can help you understand if the OIC program is right for you to obtain tax relief.
  • Approval of a federal Offer in Compromise: Michigan law allows taxpayers to seek to settle their state tax debts when the facts and circumstances have already gained approval from the IRS for the same tax period.

Speak Confidentially with a Tax Lawyer about Your Tax Relief Options

We thoroughly investigate each case to provide strong representation and legal counsel to efficiently provide tax solutions for clients. The new state OIC program in Michigan is often a direct route to tax relief to resolve tax concerns. To learn more about the OIC program and if it is the best option for you, call 810-355-4851 in the Brighton area or 888-351-8395 toll free. You may also request a confidential consultation to discuss your tax relief options using our online contact form. We represent individuals and businesses throughout Michigan.