A Trusted Advocate For IRS Tax Refund Litigation

It is every taxpayer's right to claim every legal deduction, credit or exemption possible when filing their taxes. Most Americans follow the rules and have every right to expect the IRS to accept their exemptions, deductions and credits. When the IRS audits their returns and determines the refund to be substantially less than accepted, too many taxpayers simply accept the IRS findings.

It's your money the IRS is trying to keep. You have every right to fight for the full refund you have coming to you, based on legitimate deductions, credits and exemptions. As a former IRS attorney and Special Assistant United States Attorney, Angelique M. Neal knows the tactics and processes the IRS investigators and auditors use when making their decisions about allowing deductions and exemptions that result in a lower refund.

Tax Litigation Requires an In-Depth Understanding of the Internal Revenue Code

If you are frustrated and concerned about the reduction in your expected refund, take the time to call the Law Offices of Angelique M. Neal, PLC, in Brighton, Michigan. Ms. Neal has the credentials and experience as a national tax attorney and is able to represent clients throughout the Midwest and the nation. She has extensive experience in all areas of IRS audits, appeals and litigation and will explain your options for pursuing your right to sue the IRS regarding the full and fair refund of your money.

Audits for Past Years

The IRS policy is to issue the refund amount claimed on the taxpayer's Form 1040, then conduct an audit if they see any red flags about particular deductions, credits or exemptions. If they audit one year, they are likely to look back several years to determine whether you claimed other questionable deductions. It is not unusual to receive a letter informing you of disallowed deductions going back several years, resulting in several thousands of dollars in taxes owed, including penalties and interest.

Ms. Neal represents clients in all types of tax audit appeals and litigation matters that affect refunds, including:

Before you contact the IRS about setting up a payment plan or making an offer in compromise on your own, you owe it to yourself to get straight answers about whether it is worth your while to fight back. Wherever you are in Michigan, the Midwest or the United States, contact the firm to discuss whether refund litigation is your best option.

From offices in Brighton, Michigan, tax lawyer Angelique M. Neal represents clients throughout the state, the Midwest and the United States. Wherever you are, call toll free 888-351-8395 or contact the firm by e-mail to arrange a consultation with national tax refund litigation lawyer Angelique M. Neal.