Taxation Of Settlements Proceeds · IRS Audit For Lawsuit Award Taxes

courtroomInsurance and lawsuit settlements are not exempt from federal and state taxes. However, the structure of the final settlement can raise some concerns about the reporting year, how much to report to the IRS, what exemptions may be taken and the rate at which the money will be taxed. In addition, there are issues concerning tax exemptions for medical treatment paid for out of the settlement and ongoing services which may be considered exempt under special circumstances.

If you are an individual, a business entity or a tax preparer facing an IRS investigation into your exemptions and/or income reported from a settlement, talk to tax attorney Angelique M. Neal, in Brighton, Michigan. As a former IRS lawyer and Special Assistant United States Attorney, Ms. Neal understands the tactics and approaches tax investigators and auditors use when deciding on taxation of settlements and jury awards.

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