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IRS warns tax scams do not take the summer off

With April 15 of next year more than half a year away, few people in Michigan are spending much time this summer thinking about taxes. But there are some, besides tax accountants and tax attorneys, who are still thinking about taxes this time of year. Unfortunately for most taxpayers, these people are tax scammers, who work all year round to impersonate the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Did you remember to file a tax return for your retirement plan?

When you run a small business, you have a great many details you must attend to, from opening your shop or office in the morning, to creating a personnel budget and hiring staff, to deciding the long-term goals of your business and placating individual customers.

What happens if you have delinquent taxes?

If you or your business have suffered financial difficulties and have failed or been unable to pay your Michigan state taxes, you are likely to find yourself the subject of collection efforts by the Michigan Department of Treasury to obtain payment for those delinquent taxes.

Michigan legislature ends prepayment issue on tax appeals

When most people think of going to court, they may believe that whatever the action that may result, that result will only be imposed after a court has made a final determination. If they had been involved in a disputed contract, they would not expect to have to pay the damages for the alleged breach before they could go to court.

Remember to monitor your payroll service provider

As a small business owner in Michigan, you have a great many issues to deal with as you go about operating your business. Depending on your size, you may do much of the work yourself, or may have the assistance of employees in various roles.

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